Packaging for «Alter Brauch»: malt, hop, folklore and a bit of Germany


  • market research;
  • positioning development;
  • naming development and name registration;
  • package design development;
  • prepress.

The client:
«Stary Zavod» LLC.

«Staryi Zavod» (Old Factory) brewery launched a sort of natural beer made from the best European recipes according «Purity requirement», which says that only 4 ingredients – water, malt, yeast and hop – should be used in beer production.
The enterprise itself is in close proximity to «Brykin Bor», Europe's largest biosphere national park. This land is full of old legends and fairy tales.
Beer is a product with centuries-old history. Folks in every edge of the world have their own traditions and rituals of beer production and consumption. While developing a brand Pavlov's Design put a focus on naturalness of the product itself, as well as on the tradition recipes used in its production. Hence the name was born: «Alter Brauch» (translated from German – an ancient custom).
An old beautiful legend about a fern flower was put in basis of the brand name and logo. All these ideas were realized in packaging: kraft paper, logo and a Gothic style sign. These elements of identity make the product noticeable on the shelf and involuntarily transfer us to relict and a bit fairy-tale places.

The project team

Oleg Pavlov, Elena Pavlova


Oleg Pavlov

leading designer

Anastasiya Tarasova


Irina Maksimova

technical design, typography layout, pre-press

Andrey Aleykin

project executive manager