Smart part of the window from «The Guardian»


  • research;
  • brand platform development;
  • brand virbal and visual attributes development;
  • communication strategy;
  • brandbrook;
  • development of brand identity attributes application guidelines.

«The Guardian» Company.

The Guardian international company is one of three largest glass manufacturers in the world for the B2C and B2B market. It possesses experience, innovation and advanced technologies for the production of multifunctional glasses with a wide range of characteristics.
Are you familiar with a story when it is blowing from the window in winter? Or when at night it is impossible to sleep, because every sound is heard from the street? Windows definitely need to be changed, but which ones to choose and where to look for them? A common man, who is not genius in engineering and construction, is the first target audience of The Guardian.
The second target audience of The Guardian products are double-glazed windows and construction companies.
The representative of the first target group knows only that the window consists of 3 main parts such as: profile, fittings and double-glazed windows. He just comes to the window company or DYI-shop and meets there well thought-out solution from Pavlov's Design.
Pavlov's Design developed the concept of «Smart Glass Package Solutions» and thought out the Push / Pull strategy of promoting the product to the market: the brand values reach both the final customer and sales managers. According to it, the company offers ready-made engineering solutions to insulating glassmakers that will provide the ready window with certain consumer properties within 3 SKUs:
– Ultra (stopfrost, anti-fire, non-condensing)
– Solar acoustic (stopfrost, anti-fire, silence, no condensation)
– Design (color of glass, stopfrost, anti-fire, silence, no condensation)
All this saves time and makes life easier for the buyer and informs construction and window companies, and the brand ensures loyalty and sales of such a conservative product as glass.

The project team

Oleg Pavlov, Elena Pavlova


Maria Mamoshkina

leading designer

Maksim Sukhorukov


Irina Maksimova

technical design, pre-press

Andrey Aleykin