Puffs between classes


  • research;
  • package design development;
  • prepress.

«Tomin khleb» LLC.

Children and youth adore cakes. And who does not love them? As always, the breaks between classes are too short, or you have no time to rewrite homework exercises from your friend’s notebook – in a word, there is no time. These are not the reasons for teens to stay hungry!
We meet delicious pies made of puff pastry with 6 different fillings from sweet to meat! There are plenty to choose for a quick snack.
For them Pavlov's Design developed packages in the style of the actual minimalism with a bright recognizable pattern. This attracts the attention of our audience and stands out strongly among competitors, and some artistic negligence in the image of the pattern and tastes imitates handwork, informing us of the freshness of the baking.

The project team

Oleg Pavlov


Maria Mamoshkina

leading designer

Irina Maksimova

technical design, pre-press