Piece of province in the city or vegetable store at your place


  • Research;
  • Package design development;
  • Packaging materials selection;
  • Preress.

«Russkiy moroz» LLC.

More and more young active people prefer healthy lifestyle. Many go completely to vegetarian foods. Proper nutrition does not mean tasteless. Man wants to pamper himself with a healthy product, but he usually doesn’t have time for cooking. Specially for such busy vegetarians, «Vegetable Shop» product line was developed. Imagine: you come home from work, take out your expensive non-stick frying pan, put semifinished product on it and smell the fragrance of this farm product.
While developing the package Pavlov's Design were inspired by the atmosphere of European vegetable breakdowns: remember how poetically Amélie Poulain chose vegetables in a shop near her house. Touch the product, trust the seller, who carefully grows vegetables in the garden and wipes each vegetable with a rag before putting each vegetable on the counter, – all these subtle details create a sense of a piece of a province in the city.
A special attention was paid to the choice of color and materials for the package. The green color of the substrate gives the product more appetite, and the selective matte surface of the film causes a correct and pleasant tactile sensation. The packaging design shows the ingredients, and the product itself can be seen in a special transparent window.

The project team

Oleg Pavlov, Elena Pavlova


Maria Mamoshkina


Irina Maksimova

technical design, layout, pre-press