All your people need from «Bun with butter»


  • research;
  • brand platform development;
  • verbal and visual attributes of a brand development;
  • retail-design;
  • navigation;
  • unique trading equipment development;
  • advertising and communication materials;
  • guidelines for brand attributes application;
  • site development;
  • author's supervision at the project implementation stage (pilot store).

«Bun with butter».

«Bun with butter» is a small supermarkets network. Their format is «convenience stores»; the developed positioning is «close stores». They are not just located close to home, they are close to customers emotionally: it is comfortable, cozy and not boring there.
Pavlov's Design tried to ensure that the «Bun with butter» had everything the buyer does not have in other stores of this format: recognizable entering groups; original interior; a matrix of goods, adapted to the specific location of the store; clear navigation; friendly atmosphere accompanying the whole process of shopping. In addition, there is a convenient delivery service in the stores.
The philosophy of the brand «Bun with butter» is always «something with something». The sum of the terms is guaranteed equal to the customer's profit, for example, «bun + butter = breakfast», «product + product = lunch», «call + order = delivery». As a result – saving time and energy, just what is necessary for a modern busy citizen.