A journey to the birthplace of homemade dumplings – to "Skalkino"


  • studies;
  • naming;
  • brand-catchphrase;
  • creation of a visual appearance system;
  • package design;
  • illustrations;
  • prepress.


Historically, the Russians love dumplings. You can find a package with this product in the refrigerator of a large family, students who are always late, and hard workers who obviously don't want to cook, and pensioners. The product is much healthier and more enjoyable than fast food. It brings the memories of childhood, creates a feeling of warmth and comfort.
The company “Vitonika” launched a brand of dumplings in a low price segment, which is important for a wide audience.
The “Skalkino” village is the birthplace of homemade sunny dumplings made by hand. They're made excellently and with great love by people who know a lot about both dough and meat!
The highlight of the product is in a special recipe: the dough contains extra egg yolk, which makes it more elastic. This formed the basis of the brand idea: the dough as the basis of delicious products with filling. From here both the name, and the main image of the trademark – a rolling pin, as the main tool of dough-making. The same idea is supported by a different visual image – circles on the package, as stylized layers of rolled dough. Such a simple pattern is soulful and inviting. For someone, it will remind of the ornament on his grandmother's or mother's robe, and for someone – the colors of tablecloth or curtains in the village house, where he spent the summer as a child.
The active use of the warm yellow color on the packaging, associating with the sun and egg yolk, helps the product to stand out on the shelf.  A transparent window through which the product itself is visible is built in the bright brand pattern of packaging.
To simplify navigation, icons emphasizing the attention of customers on the flavor features of “Skalkino” dumplings are placed on the package: a lot of meat in the composition, extra egg in the dough, spices.
The reverse side of the package is made in the style of the author's illustration: a village pastoral with a cow and a piglet, a bar-code with stylized ears of wheat, dandelions “parachutes” flying on the background.

The project team

Oleg Pavlov, Elena Pavlova


Maria Mamoshkina


Irina Maksimova

technical design, layout, pre-press