British American Tobacco corporate culture development brand "THINK. DO. ACHIEVE."


  • development of a creative idea;
  • creation of the brand visual appearance system;
  • creation of verbal and visual attributes of the brand;
  • brand book and guide to the application of the brand attributes.

British American Tobacco.

British American Tobacco is a company with a unique corporate culture and a vibrant environment which contributes to the individual growth and professional development of each of its employees. The company strives to engage truly talented people who are able to significantly contribute to its development.
It is for this purpose, as well as to strengthen the team spirit of British American Tobacco, Pavlov's design developed a brand of corporate culture development called “Think. Do. Achieve."  Pavlov's design was inspired by BAT's attitude to its employees: ­“­­We believe that every employee wants to be treated that way by the company and that it is the key to its success.”
The brand mark represents each of the three elements graphically associated with the particular verb of the slogan “Think. Do. Achieve." The key shape is a triangle being not only a stylized letter “d”, but also a symbol of thoughtful, confident, targeted actions. Each triangle contains its own geometric shape. The circle (“think”) symbolizes a way of thinking, searching for options, going beyond the bounds of the usual. The square (“do”) is a stable shape, a symbol of action and applied efforts which are confident and thoughtful, but not one-sided.  The triangle (“achieve”) means upward movement from the executed work to result, a symbol of inevitable success.
By joining together, they complement each other and expand each other's meaning, and their arrangement in a single sign along the ascending line creates a sense of determination and upward movement.
Clear, energetic brand colors further emphasize the active and motivating image of the brand. The style appears to look strong-willed: it's catchy, decisive and concrete.

The project team

Oleg Pavlov


Maria Mamoshkina


Oleg Pavlov

art director

Irina Maksimova

technical design, layout, pre-press

Valentina Koroblina