“Bindli” universe


  • studies;
  • development of the brand platform;
  • development of the brand strategy;
  • naming;
  • brand-catchphrase;
  • brand identity.


It's difficult to imagine a modern man without a smartphone. Today it's not just a mean of communication, but an integral part of our life, where using one device you can manage your mini-universe of smart gadgets. Refrigerator, vacuum, sockets, lamps and many other components can be added to your smart-world and thereby expand and improve it all you want.
Pavlov’s design faced the challenge to develop a brand of smart device store in the middle price segment. In this store you can purchase a complete set of equipment, as well as access services for its repair and maintenance. Having assessed the values of the brand, its emotional and rational advantages, we determined its clear positioning – a network of wow-electronics stores with the name Bindli.
It's important to emphasize the idea of combining the user and the gadget into one system, which makes life easier and more interesting. It turns out the whole universe of smart devices is at hand. This idea was developed into the catchphrase “The future is in reality”. The pictures of outer space inspired us to create a bright and futuristic brand style,
and abstract color bubbles flowing from one shape to another became the key elements. They can move and collide with each other, creating many variations of one space – the Bindli universe. Such images allowed us to reflect the idea of mobility, accessibility and innovativeness of the product.

The project team

Oleg Pavlov


Valentina Koroblina


Maria Mamoshkina


Irina Maksimova

technical design, layout, pre-press