Vacation by the sea


  • research;
  • development of the brand platform;
  • development of the brand strategy;
  • naming;
  • creation of a brand-catchphrase;
  • creation of a visual appearance system;
  • development of brand identity attributes application guidelines.

development company "VIRA"

"Vitonika"Surely you have a dream of living by the sea.
It is great to begin the morning with the gentle sound of waves, breathe the sea air and enjoy beautiful sunsets during the school holidays. So in Pavlov’s design they represent life in a new apartment complex by the sea called “New Shore”.
When developing a brand strategy, the agency was inspired by pleasant memories, dreams and desires of the target audience. In the logo, name, style-forming elements, in the color scheme – warmth, sun, sea, joy and lightness, as in the days of youth, when everyone dreamed of a vacation at sea. Design as if transfers to this summer carelessness: “weathered” and “faded in the sun” color range evokes such pleasant memories. The name “New Shore” as if from a happy past, gives a feeling of light nostalgia for youthful friendship, first love, impressions and experiences of youth. This is a new, but at the same time so familiar, dear and beloved place.
Today, a carefree life is impossible without high quality housing, the latest construction technologies and modern infrastructure. In the "New Shore" apartment complex everything is thought out to the smallest detail, no difficulties, you just have to enjoy life, the sea and the sun.

The project team

Oleg Pavlov,стратегия Elena Pavlova


Maria Mamoshkina


Irina Maksimova

technical design, layout, pre-press