The pearl of Finland


  • research;
  • brand platform development;
  • naming;
  • creation of a brand-catchphrase;
  • creation of a visual appearance system;
  • development of brand identity attributes application guidelines.


What is the most important thing in the work process in the office? Of course, it is comfort. It is the most valuable thing!
Helmi is a Finnish brand, a real catch in the market of office armchairs and chairs of a low price segment. The pearl of your office space! Simplicity, convenience, design, concise expressiveness, color – these are the properties that Pavlovs highlight in the design of this brand. National colors of Finland – blue and white are the colors of Finnish lakes and the Scandinavian sky. The visual perception of the Helmi brand, as well as the Finnish design as a whole, is not only what you see, but also what you feel.
The brand’s corporate space is as simple as possible, easy to remember, and very clearly reflecting everything that is at its core.
Visually, the Helmi brand stands out for its simplicity and conciseness: just a blue circle, but the meaning embedded in this image is easily read. It qualitatively distinguishes it from competitors, and there are so many of them in this market.

The project team

Oleg Pavlov


Valentina Koroblina


Irina Maksimova

technical design, layout, pre-press