To do better!


  • research;
  • development of the brand platform;
  • development of the brand strategy;
  • creation of a brand-catchphrase;
  • creation of a visual appearance system;
  • development of brand identity attributes application guidelines.

development company "VIRA".

"VIRA" is a development company working wisely, with respect for the person and with the pursuit of excellence. Such positioning was formulated by the Pavlov’s design team for the new brand.
The ideology of the "VIRA" brand is based on the idea of honest partnership to achieve a noble goal: make the world a better place with what the company can do professionally: build housing for people. In partnership, "VIRA" relies on transparent, honest and open relationships, strictly within the legal framework, with the ability to listen and cooperate productively. Honesty, openness, the desire to achieve their goals, hard work for the benefit of people, respect for their needs - these values are embodied in the visual attributes of the "VIRA" brand.
In addition to the logo, a style-forming element is developed - an inclined line that expresses movement, progress and activity. The burgundy color is chosen as the corporate one, which represents strength, solidity, confidence and conservatism. Additional light gray color - stability and reliability.

The project team

Oleg Pavlov, Elena Pavlova


Maria Mamoshkina


Irina Maksimova

technical design, layout, pre-press