At the mercy of the elements!


  • Creation of the brand visual appearance system;
  • Creation of visual attributes.

Yachting school "F&K Sailing Team"

Catching an unstoppable free wind with sails, cutting through the water surface and rushing along fast waves, feeling like part of endless primal element – there is probably nothing that could compete against yachting in terms of emotions. It's the world of contradictions between extreme sports and relaxation, fast racings and leisure boat trips, heat and cold, delight and thrill.
Reflecting such inspirational mood became a challenging task for Pavlov’s design team during "F&K Sailing Team" yachting school branding.
This aristocratic sport is for passionate persons who are seeking unforgettable experience and are in love with boundless and dangerous sea! Strong emotions - bright and eye-catching style! It suits values of people it was made for. The logo combines three symbols – seal, emblem and anchor. Vibrant colors, bright design and conceptual logo inspire new adventures!

The project team

Dmitry Smirnov