Riding the waves


  • Creation of a logo.

private person.

Imagine your feelings when you're flying under sail over water, feeling your boat like it's a part of yourself, wishing never to stop, you just want to move further and faster. The yacht gains pace, and your heart follows it. The only two things are in your mind – exact calculation and control. And you are driven by thrill of getting either joy of victory of bitterness of defeat. You trust your boat as a friend and ally, and, of course, you give her a name. Written with love and pride, it flaunts on the sides of the adored yacht. It's the one and only. Pavlovs design executed this unique task for a sailing yacht with the beautiful name Dana Queen. The agency created a symbolic logo that adorned sail, hull and accessories of the yacht, as well as the form of her team.
The letter "D" is made in the form of a wind-filled sail, and the "tail" of letter "Q" is made in the form of a sea wave and successfully combines the letters in the logo. Gold color emphasizes the "royal" name of the yacht.

The project team

Valentina Koroblina